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Revolutionary Therapy, on your terms.

Evolve's #YouDoYou Program is best for you if you thrive in 1:1 setting, growing with the support of your therapist a text away.

Have you ever tried a therapy program, online coaching or training program, or bought any sort of self-help program and thought, “How am I going to keep up?” or, “When in the heck am I going to find time for these 1:1 calls?”

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had your therapist in your life then and there who wanted to support you every step of the way – not just when your sessions were?

We’ve been there, too! That’s why we created Evolve’s #YouDoYou Program, for people, just like you, who are tired of traditional 1:1 settings, need more frequent support, run busy lives, and are ready to evolve without hardcore structure and accountability!

Evolve’s #YouDoYou Program empowers individuals to 24/7 access coaching and therapy benefits without the pressure or structure of traditional 1:1 sessions. Embrace a tailored journey toward self-improvement on your terms, unlocking the freedom to evolve at your own rhythm.

This is your chance to finally keep the promises you’ve made to yourself, and to become the person you’ve always dreamed of being, but never felt capable of becoming. We will give you science-proven technologies and clinically tested techniques to overcome the challenges you find yourself having, the skills you need to break old patterns and cycles, and the confidence to keep showing up every single day.

We only have so many incredible therapists waiting to support you, so make sure you get started before the opportunity runs out! Other therapy programs make insatiable claims, cost thousands of dollars, and leave you feeling like you made a bad choice or guilty for not giving it 100% every time. The Evolve Ventures #YouDoYou Program has a 30 day money-back guarantee, if you’re not happy with the progress or support. And to make this process even easier for you, we’ve broken it down into an affordable weekly subscription so anyone can automatically get access to the help they need for less than $99 per month, and finally have their chance to evolve.

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#YouDoYou Therapy Program Benefits for YOU to Realize

Emotional Support

You are going to be paired with a therapist you vibe with that you can message via WhatsApp 24/7. You can expect replies to be anywhere from instantaneous to within 48hrs so that you can ask for help and get support along the way when you need it!

Your Friends Will Want To Know Your Secret (In a Good Way)

You will be connected with the Evolve community in addition to your private safe space with your Evolve partnered therapist whose sole purpose is to help you feel supported, and empowered to make meaningful changes in your life. Between the emotional support, and guidance given, the people in your life will be eager hear about how you’re able to do the things that matter most to you and be so YOU. Feel free to share your progress with your cohorts in our private WhatsApp communities and on Evolve Ventures Society.

A Safe Space Where You Are Seen, Valued & Accepted for Who and Where You Are

This is a safe, and completely confidential setting, that will help to make things easier to succeed and feel fulfilled! Consider this journey your sacred growth path, one that is on your terms, at your pace without any additional pressure or overlap of unnecessary structure.

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Ask Us Anything

You can expect to be paired with a therapist you connect with. You’ll have text access to your therapist 24/7 and she/he/they will be able to get back to you no later than 48hrs. You’ll have one hour of 1:1 session time, that you can use or not each month so you can go through what you’re growing through at your own pace!

Your safety is our biggest priority. We know what it’s like to not trust or feel safe with the people in our lives, and that is why we have designed all of the sectors of Evolve Ventures to be a safe, trauma-informed space where you can grow at a pace that’s comfortable for YOU!!!

That is completely okay! We know this process can be scary which is why we have so many ways to connect with us directly to help you feel safe enough to try, and take the next best step when you’re ready. Email, DM, or jump on a free call to ask us questions. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Evolve Ventures #YouDoYou Program launches December 23′ and spots are filling up quickly! Our goal is to have this program run for as long as it meets the needs of our Evolve community.

The onboarding process for Evolve’s #YouDoYou Program is simple! All that is required of you to get started is to activate your subscription with your name and email address, while you plug in your payment method! Everything else, we walk you through with a Welcome Email!

Get connected with us on all of your favorite platforms. Follow us on Instagram, Evolve Ventures Society, our private mailing list, are a great start! Click the icon of choice on the website and you’ll be guided right to platform of choice.

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