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We offer Evolve Consulting, Coaching and Therapy® that won't waste your time, energy or money. Our science backed, clinically tested methodologies are designed with balance in mind. Holistic results from the inside out, that last longer than just a season. Hear it from our clients who took a chance on themselves:

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Evolve Ventures Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Become The Best Leader You Can Be

Being liked and being respected are two very different things. What if you could have both? With EV Leadership Coaching & Consulting, not only will we do a comprehensive SWOT analysis to apply your strengths even if you’re neurodivergent, but we’ll be sure to transform any weaknesses into a superpower, as we develop your emotional intelligence capital (EIC).

Drive Results That Matter

Being a c-suite exec, entrepreneur, mid-management, or a part of a team, means that you have the weight of the world on those shoulders. The results that you devote your precious time, energy, and money to, you want to matter. To make a sustainable impact. With EV Leadership Coaching, we’ll help you bring clarity to your personal mission amidst the chaos, and drive focused discipline to leverage your competitive edge, rooted in neuro-leadership methodologies that are proven to drive results with exponential impact.

Minimize Long-Term Regret

Most people struggle to look beyond their day-to-day. EV Leadership Coaching & Consulting takes a holistic approach to developing the skills to ensure disciplined resource management. Be it time, money, emotions, or your health, minimizing long-term regret starts with you. Want to learn how you can buy back time? Double your gross revenue? Optimize your energy levels? Book a consult now, at the link below.

Emilia Smith Evolve Ventures

Evolve Ventures Leadership Coaching & Consulting (EVC)

Evolve Ventures Leadership Coaching will help you become the leader everyone looks up to, that you always felt deep down pulled to be.

Bianca Thomas Evolve Ventures

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching (CBTC)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching (CBTC) helping you have the experiences and breakthroughs in therapy you've never been able to have before thanks to CBT.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching (CBTC)

Become the Most Fulfilled Version of Yourself with Someone You Trust

The therapy journey can be hard and incredibly scary. You need a guide you can trust, someone who will walk with you through this experience every step of the way and make it as simple as possible. The person that can help you the most is the person you feel most connected to, who you feel safe sharing with. My intention is to be that person for you. Together, we will help you feel empowered, capable of handling any challenges life throws your way, and secure in the life you choose to lead for yourself.

A Licensed Clinician With Significant Specialization and Trainings in Evidence-Based Treatments

When looking for a coach, you want to work with someone who not only has done the bare minimum of getting a degree, but has gone above and beyond to learn the most cutting-edge, evidence based treatments that actually work, and will actually help you make real change in your life. I have significant training and experience with Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder, PTSD and other Anxiety Disorders, Goal Setting & Attainment, Suicide Risk Management and Peak Performance.

Someone Just Like You

Most coaches and clinicians are taught to keep themselves out of the experience, to be a blank wall. I don’t take that approach. Having done thousands of therapy/coaching calls I’ve learned that connecting with someone you can relate to, who you believe has gone through similar challenges and experiences to you and has overcome them is a major factor that makes the process feel more doable. For years I considered myself a broken, unworthy, unlovable person who would never amount to anything. I’ve done this work for myself, which allows me to understand this experience first hand, and have certainty it works.

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We will guide you through each and every step of the journey towards uncovering and the breaking the cycles that are holding you back from being the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Your safety is our biggest priority. We know what it’s like to not trust or feel safe with the people in our lives, and that is why we have designed all of the sectors of Evolve Ventures to be a safe, trauma-informed space where you can grow.

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There are SO many ways to get involved! We have the podcast where we publish two episodes per week, social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, private groups like Evolve Ventures Society and Out of the Mud on WhatsApp. We also host a free, live virtual event on the last Wednesday of every month, AND we have different coaching options that suit your preferences!

The podcast and our public social media pages are incredible free resources that you can take your time looking through and listening to, to help you get a better sense of who we are, and how we can help you!

That is completely okay! We know this process can be scary which is why we have so many ways to get involved that will help you feel safe enough to try, and take the next best step when you’re ready. Connect with us no strings attached to feel out the vibes.

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